Laidlaw Personnel

Faculty and Research Leads


Elina Lastro Niño, Extension Apiculturist
Neal Williams, Pollination Ecologist/Assistant Professor ~ Lab
Brian Johnson, Behavior, Evolution, and Genetics of Honey Bees, Apiculture/Assistant Professor (see lab research)
Rachel Vannette microbial and chemical ecology of pollination and pollinators

Robbin Thorp, Wild bee conservation, bee biology, taxonomy
Eric Mussen, Apiculture

Ola Lundin
Rosemary Malfi
Maj Rundlöf

Research Staff
Bernardo Niño
Charley Nye
Kimiora Ward

Patricia Bohls
Cameron Jasper
Rei Scampavia
John Mola
Jessica Drost
Corinne McGukin

Joseph Tauser
Andrew Dye
Kitty Bolte
Andrew Buderi
Staci Cibotti
Mike Epperly
Lindsey Hack

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